Alte Schmiede, 1110 Vienna



According to “Dehio” – the standard reference work on German art monuments – this former estate erected in the 17th century might have been constructed around older building remains. At the time of analysis it was in deplorable condition. Numerous conversions in the 20th century had left very little of the original architectural, ornamental parts or remnants of older structures. Only a trained eye could recognize these as the telltale signs of a historical building. A concept for the restoration of the stone and plaster surfaces of the façades was drawn up and sondages dug at various sites in the building. One, for example, was dug on the ground floor below the low-ceilinged barrel-vault where Klaus Wedenig would discover the amazing wall paintings. These paintings dating from the 16th century were applied onto lime plaster using the fresco-secco technique. The themes are secular and include such motifs as vines, the tree of life, and the fable of the fox and the stork by the Greek poet Aesop. The wall paintings were restored by Klaus Wedenig’s co-workers. In places, more than 60 layers of color had to be removed by hand. The painting layer was then consolidated and patched. Where required individual sections were retouched with gouache paints using the tratteggio technique. Reconstruction was not carried out.

Project Data:

Address: 1110 Vienna, Kaiser-Ebersdorfer Straße 312

Service: Expert report on restoration of stone and plaster surfaces. Uncovering and restoring the elaborate wall paintings discovered during sondage.
Service period: March 2009 to June 2010

Photo Gallery:

Before restoration
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