Bank Austria Art Forum, 1010 Vienna


Built by Ernst Gotthilf and Alexander Neumann from 1916–21 for the former bank “Österreichische Creditanstalt für Handel und Gewerbe” this building has housed the exhibition spaces of the Bank Austria Art Forum on its ground floor since 1985. Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H. was commissioned to restore the stone and plaster parts of all three façades. The special challenge of this building involves the materials used for the exteriors. The façades on Freyung and Renngasse are made of calcareous limestone (from the Leitha Mountains) and Mannersdorf limestone, whereas the façade on Tiefer Graben was finished on the upper floor with plaster, and below with gray artificial stone cladding cast on site. The choice of the cleaning process depended on the surface to be treated. The two systems employed were the BMR low-pressure abrasive blasting process for gentle surface cleaning and the Rotec micro sandblasting system for delicate architectural parts. In addition to extensive consolidation work and water damage repair the third major task was resolving a façade that looked like a patchwork quilt. WWII damage to the façade had been cobbled up using improperly mixed mortar. By replacing fillings with optically and technically matching mortar, we were able to give the exterior a consistent overall appearance.

Project Data:

Address: 1010 Vienna, Freyung 8

Service: Façade restoration 

Service period: March 2008 to September 2009

Photo Gallery:

Before restoration
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