Roadside shrine “White Cross,” 1110 Vienna


The shrine, which supposedly dates back to the second half of the 17th century, consists of a shaft and a slightly projecting tabernacle that houses a plaster statue and is crowned by an onion dome with a metal cross on top. Made of bricks and lime plaster, the shrine had been overhauled several times already: we found traces of restorations using hydraulic lime mortar and “Wiener Hydrauer” (19th century) and replacements made of artificial stone using a lime cement and gray cement. Original plaster could only be found around the onion dome, the upper ledge, and on the interior surfaces of the niche. Damaged plaster was removed and replaced with lime-sand mortar mixed on site to match the original material. A lime primer (whitewash, powdered limestone) was applied to the still damp surfaces. The shrine was painted in the fresco-secco technique using lime paint in the original hue. Finally, the reconstructed and restored plaster surfaces were waterproofed with Funcosil SNL (subcontractor: Remmers).

Project Data:

Address: 1110 Vienna, Etrichstraße/Mühlsangergasse
Service: Plaster restoration
Service period: September 2005 to September 2006

Photo Gallery:

Before restoration
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After restoration
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