“Duke Rudolf the Founder,” Rathausplatz, 1010 Vienna


The statue completed in 1867 by Josef Gasser is part of a series of eight larger-than-life-size figures made of Carrara marble, which were originally intended for the Elisabeth Bridge. After the bridge was demolished, the statues were installed first in the arcades of the Rathaus (city hall), then along the left shore of the Wien River, and finally in 1902 in Rathaus Park. Severely soiled and encrusted with mineral deposits, the marble surface was extensively yellowed from previous acid treatments and its crystalline structure was damaged. Former restoration work to replace missing parts using an epoxy resin, polyester, and cement-based material had had a negative effect on the figure’s appearance. Lifting the statue, we noticed that there was no clamp anchoring it to its base. Unsuitable cement was removed and the statue was consolidated prior to cleaning. Afterwards biocide treatment was performed, including a bleaching of the discolored, green patches of the stone. The figure was cleaned with the JOS Piccolo, ROTEC, and BMR dry blast cleaning methods using hollow glass balls manufactured by the company Swarovski as the abrasive. After cleaning, the statue was anchored with a 100-cm-long stainless steel pin and placed back on its base over a horizontal insulation layer made of lead sheet metal.

Project Data:

Address: 1010 Vienna, Rathausplatz
Service: Stone restoration
Service period: March to May 2005


Before restoration
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After restoration
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