Imperial Library, south façade, 1010 Vienna


Construction of the Imperial Library near the Imperial Palace in Vienna began in 1730 under Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and was completed under his son Joseph Emanuel in 1735. Due to structural damage, the library was converted and reconstructed by the court architect Nikolaus Pacassi in 1760. Today the south façade of the original freestanding building is wedged in from both sides by more recent structures. The surfaces were dirty, covered with mineral deposits and partially with moss, alga, and lichen as well. There were signs of weathering and diseased stone substance. We dry blast cleaned the stone parts using aluminum silicate. In previous renovation measures the stucco surfaces had been sealed using a cement-concrete medium. After cleaning with a low-pressure steam-blasting unit, the cement-concrete coating was sanded away. The new plaster protective layer was adjusted to match the original extremely fine-grained marmorino coating and was subsequently finished with sandpaper.

Project Data:

Address: 1010 Vienna, Burggarten
Service: Stone restoration and restoration of the marmorino plaster surfaces
Service period: April 2010­ to August 2010

Photo Gallery:

Before restoration
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