“Josef Staudigl,” Waldmüller Park, 1100 Vienna


Originally, on the site of the present-day Waldmüller Park, stood a cemetery that was planned in 1784 as part of the Josephine reform. Funerals continued here until 1879; in 1909 the cemetery was closed and the grounds turned into a park. Individual, especially high-quality tomb sculptures, such as that of Josef Staudigl (1861), were saved and put up in the newly created Waldmüller Park. The restoration of the statue by our company was carried out in 2005/06. In addition to severe soiling and biodeterioration caused by microorganisms the main problem was heavy damage to the sandstone substance resulting from a previous intervention in which a cement layer was applied that proved too hard and too impermeable. Following the manual removal of this layer, the statue was strengthened by immersion in silicic acid ester: the sculpture was wrapped in foam to allow it to retain the strengthening agent and slowly release it to the stone. Liners were used to prevent evaporation. After this treatment, loss of contour around the face and the draped fabric were corrected with artificial stone mortar. Historical photographs and drawings of the plaster models were consulted for reference.

Project Data:

Address: 1100 Vienna, Waldmüllerpark
Service: Stone restoration
Service period: December 2005 to May 2006

Photo Gallery:

Before restoration
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After restoration
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