Parliament, anteroom: Lokal III and IV, 1010 Vienna

Restoration work focused on the decorative fixtures on the ceiling (paintings and stucco) and the walls (relief structures such as pilasters) in the anteroom. Pilasters and plinths are made of scagliola, the capitals and the molded architraves above consist of plaster or lime stucco mortar. The paintings were applied to a thin layer of plaster in the fresco-secco technique. Most of them are wall stencils done in calcimine. The various surfaces were dusty and dirty and showed signs of mechanical damage caused by use. In places, the calcimine paint was chalking badly due to loss of cohesion. Moreover, paint was peeling elsewhere due to water damage. Wall and ceiling surfaces were first dry cleaned, then the paint layers in the water-damaged area were stabilized. Replacement of missing parts and cementing were done using material similar to the original. Cracks in the scagliola were filled with a dyed and textured scagliola compound that was carefully sanded and polished to match the original.

Project Data:

Address: 1010 Vienna, Dr-Karl-Renner-Ring 3
Service: Restoration of the decorative fixtures (stone, stucco, scagliola, wall paintings)
Service period: April to September 2000

Photo Gallery:

Before restoration
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After restoration
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