Spinnerin am Kreuz , 1110 Vienna


The stone tower “Spinnerin am Kreuz” is an important late Gothic landmark and was commissioned by the city of Vienna and built in 1451/1452. It is situated on the Wienerberg hill along Triesterstraße and shows four clear divisions: stone plinth, pedestal, tabernacle, and finial. The tabernacle has a cruciform plan adorned with flying buttresses and four groups of figures portraying the Stations of the Cross. In 2009 the tower was carefully restored by the company Mag. Klaus Wedenig in order to conserve the original stone structure and protect it from future damage. The original substance was consolidated before thoroughly removing layers of damaging dirt and biogenic encrustations. Where necessary desalination was used to remove unsightly calcium deposits. Damaged and inappropriate fillings from earlier restoration work were mechanically ablated and replaced either by matching natural stone or a mineral mortar mixed so to physically and visually correspond with the original material. Cracks and hairline fissures in the surface of the sculptures were also filled with an appropriate mineral mortar. At this point, we whitewashed the stone tower to protect it from weathering and give it a homogeneous appearance. Finally, we waterproofed the whole structure.

Project Data:

Address: 1010 Vienna, Triesterstraße 56

Service: Restoration of stone and metalwork
Service period: June to October 2009

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