Imperial Stables, 1010 Vienna


The Stallburg was erected under Emperor Ferdinand I in the Renaissance style and has housed the Imperial Stables since 1564. The courtyard façades of the impressive four-winged palace structure have been dematerialized into a three-story arrangement of arches and piers made of flysch sandstone from the Dornbach quarry. The first phase of the restoration project focused on the façades and arcades along the Reitschulgasse and Habsburgergasse. The damage encountered included thick layers of dirt and calcium deposits, not unusual for a building located in the middle of the city. By far the greatest damage was caused by previous restoration attempts (indent repair using inappropriate stone material, surface attrition of the stone surfaces). Moreover, cracks had also been produced by structural problems. The surface was dry blasted to avoid an activation of the clay minerals in the stone. Fillings made using inappropriate material were removed and replaced by new ones made of pietra serena from Tuscany. Consolidation was achieved through saturation with the silicic-acid-ester-based product OH Funcosil 100 manufactured by the company Remmers. All restoration work took place parallel to the normal operation of the Spanish Riding School.

Project Data:

Address: 1010 Vienna, Stallburggasse

Service: Stone restoration 

Service period: 2007

Photo Gallery:

Before restoration

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After restoration
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