House at Vorgartenstraße 217, 1020 Vienna


The officers’ building associated with the neighboring Erzherzog-Wilhelm barracks was erected from 1884 to 1918. It features many embellishments (cartouche with coat of arms and the initials FJI, capitals, balustrades, corbels, etc.) cast in Roman cement, which were fastened to the brick masonry by iron pins and plastered over. The building had been painted recently, but beneath this layer the façade was very dirty, weathered, and covered by lichen and moss. In places it also showed numerous cracks and hairline fissures. The masonry ties were impaired by rust deterioration. Denkmalpflege G.m.b.H. was commissioned to restore the ornamental elements. In the process, the ties and anchors were replaced by new ones made of stainless steel, and for more authenticity Roman cement was used as the binding agent in the mortar used to fill the missing parts. Roman cement was also used to bind the new layers of protective lime slurry.

Project Data:

Address: 1020 Vienna, Vorgartenstraße 217 

Service: Restoration of the architectural elements made of Roman cement (capitals, corbels, and cartouches)

Service period: March to May 2010

Photo Gallery:

Before restoration
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After restoration
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